Ebook Vs Paperbook

Is this an actual debate? Who is talking about this?

I don’t have the answer to that, but I thought I’d give my two cents anyway!

Since the rise of electronic books,there has been a community of people who resist this change. Some say, “ebooks aren’t real books!” while others say, “But has it even been printed?”.

I have heard on and off throughout the years various reasons why some people will never buy ebooks (we will call them kindles here – I know – it’s a device for storing ebooks, but kindles contribute to the ebook pros and cons because it is the main device that is used nowadays).

I can kind of understand why too *gasp*.

There is something satisfying about feeling the dry pages of a paper book. Seeing the words printed in black ink and the progress you have made (though kindles can now tell you how much time you have left – which is a pretty handy attribute – anyway…).

Not only that, books date back thousands of years. It’s archaic and primal. It IS authentic. But is it convenient?

In this day and age, everyone is always “on the go” – planning, commuting, getting their to-do lists done. Sometimes that big-ass book you’re reading at the moment just isn’t convenient for the train or bus. Or if you’re travelling to a different country and all you have is a carry-on, ain’t no way that big-ass book is going to fit.

This is where the kindle comes in handy. Instead, that big-ass book can now fit in a convenient device that can easily slot into a slim compartment in your bag.

On the other hand…

If there are any illustrations in the book, the paperback is always going to be the better choice – unless kindle changes their colour scheme from black and white to include other colours (I guess there’s the fire, but that’s more of a tablet than a kindle, no?).


If my partner wants to go to sleep and I’m reading a book – well then – someone’s got to comprise and it’s usually the one reading! Unless, of course, you have a kindle. Then it doesn’t matter. Just set that back light on low and you can read away to all hours of the night. I will say this however, I have bought those little book light things that attach to the pages of the book, and in my experience, they are rubbish. I’m glad to leave those floppy, drooping lights behind me.

For me…

I like to switch back and forth between the two. I know, anti-climatic, but there you go. Most of the time, I’ll browse for books on my kindle, and buy whatever appeals to me. This is fine with me, as I feel reading on the kindle doesn’t take away much from the experience. However, if I do read a book I bought on the kindle, and it is a piece of written art, then I will want to buy the paper version as well as.

I see it as an extra “Thank you and well done!” to the author for writing something so amazing. Some examples in my collection would be a couple of Robin Hobbs books, Patrick Rothfuss and I’m sure once I complete the Ultimate Collection of Sherlock Holmes on the kindle, I’ll want to add that too.

On most accounts…

The kindle is the better option to invest in. It’s cheaper in the long run, it’s convenient and not to mention, it probably has a lower impact on the environment than buying a paper book every week or so.

In saying that

I must acknowledge that paper books are also worth investing in, at least the ones that are good, because those are the ones you will take with you on holidays and squeeze into your already full bag, or even sacrifice something that you will probably find important later on but hey, you can’t leave this book behind!

When I moved country, I should have left all my books behind, but I just couldn’t part with all of them, I ended up taking maybe half a shelf with me, and that was hard!

If you’re anything like me when it comes to books, then there’s no hope for you picking one or the other. You will most definitely be investing time, money and energy into both.

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