Quick Fire Post – Slow and Steady

“Always try harder. Your perceived limit will wave at you as you glide past it.”

Now that I have been climbing for a few years, I realise I need to up my training if I want to continue to get better.

Hello running!

Or that’s how I initially walked into this.

I am a complete novice in this running game. I have one pair of running leggings (finally found some with draw strings – now I can run without worrying about mooning whoever is behind me!)  and I can barely run 2 km without feeling my cheeks puff out with extreme exertion. I’m ashamed to admit that although I can throw some fairly hard moves on the wall, I’m about as fit as a snail.

Bench at the entrance to the forest. This is usually my first pit-stop for a 5-10 minute rest after running the 3 km from my flat.

I’m hoping all this cardio will tone my legs and therefore lighter so I don’t have to haul them up the wall every time. How I see it; my legs are temporary weights that will make me stronger and when they slim down, I should be able to fly up the wall, right?

Let’s face it, I’m chasing down butterflies instead.

I have been binge reading other people’s running blogs and oh my, are these some badass people! I would particularly like to mention Rara’s Rules For Living‘s blog, her journey is so inspiring and she is always one to push beyond her limit!

Light at the end of the tunnel. Can I get there?


My own running journey has just started and even though my pace is chaotic, I will focus on being slow and steady and go from there.


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