90 Days of Yoga ~ The Beginning

Today I start my journey of self discovery. I am going to be posting everyday, for the next 90 days, the progress of my practice, the good and the bad moments and what I learned along the way.

For the last couple of weeks, my practice has been lacking… something. Imagination, drive and focus. So many times I have started a practice, only to have it fizzle out into uncertainty and dissatisfaction. It feels painful to think about the state my practice was getting into! Well, I am changing that – today, here, now.

My aim is to complete Bad Yogi’s original 30 day yoga challenge three times in a row, to really hone what I learn every time, and feel every pose in its uniqueness. I want to linger in these poses, dissect every little movement and know what that is doing for me. I want to come to my own practice remembering every thing I have learned and combining it all into one long, beautiful practice at the end.

So here I am, ready to document my journey and share it with you. Hopefully I will be able to connect with others who know what I am feeling. Who also strive for that one long, beautiful practice, daydreaming about it over and over again.

Each post will consist of a short entry about my practice and what I may have learned, along with a time-lapse video to show you every detail of my practice.

See you tomorrow!


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