All Things Climbing

Climbing ~ A Mental Training Update

Creativity and creative thinking. It’s not something I am used to applying into my sessions at the gym. It’s all problem solving, sure, but usually it can be fairly straight forward to figure out and if you can’t, well then you just aren’t good enough!

But what if there are ways the problem can be doable? Perhaps you just need to think outside of the box?

This is what I have been trying to do more often on the wall, or while looking at a route. If I see obvious ways of doing the moves, but maybe they are out of my range, then I have been trying to think of other possible solutions afterwards. Instead of the usual shrugging of the shoulders and moving on to something else that may be easier.

But is that how it is meant to go? If so, how can I possible progress?

Is this the secret ingredient that makes a climber a “good climber”?

Applying creative thinking to my route reading process has been difficult, as sometimes you feel ridiculous coming up with ways that seem improbable. But sometimes, it has worked! How about that, eh?

Another week or so and I will start to work on another area of my mind that is hindering my climbing so much more. The fear of the crimp. Maybe it’s not all that bad?

See you in another week or so with another training update!


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