90DOY ~ Day 1

So I officially started the original yoga challenge with Erin Motz yesterday. It was hips so lots of hip openers. Which meant lots of double and half pigeon.

When I first tried double pigeon, I was in pain! My hips felt like they were punishing me for what I was doing to them and my knees were just downright indignant with me for believing this pose would do any good!

Well, this time around it felt a lot better. I mean, in the video it doesn’t look that good but my face actually has a semi tranquil expression on it, which is a first for this pose! So all in all, I’m happy with that! However, at 4:22, my left knee made a little crunch sound when I bought the ankle up and over my leg (you can see me briefly feeling the area, wondering if I had made a terrible mistake doing this), so I don’t know what that is about. Eh, it didn’t hurt. I’m sure it’s fine.

I will always have a love/hate relationship with half pigeon though. My knees can get really pissy about this pose sometimes, but other times it feels amazing and my whole body is thanking me. Maybe one day my knees will start appreciating what I am trying to do for them. Perhaps I am indeed clenching my butt cheeks too much?  Who knows… (Well, Erin does. Always listen to Erin!)

On a last note, I’m still learning to properly engage my scapular muscles in downward facing dog, but I guess that kind of strength comes with good ol’ p&p.

Good start to the challenge, I am happy.

Pam 🙂

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