90 Days of Yoga ~ Day 2

It was chest and shoulders day. To be completely honest, this practice received mixed feelings at the end of it. On the one hand, I really liked the time to work on my shoulder stability and health, but it is hard! (BTW, the first few weeks will most likely include a lot of moaning on my part. You have been warned!)

For some reason, my palms went through a weird phase during the practice. Not quite dry enough to feel secure but not quite sweaty enough to have my beach towel make much difference. Should I change towels? I have no idea. Perhaps I should start using my climbing chalk for yoga? Hmm.

I also came to the conclusion that downward facing dog is in fact a stiff warm up, everything felt so tight! And then the added horror bonus of taking one of your essential foundations off the mat (your arm) to make the whole thing into a twist felt nearly impossible.

On another note, I always struggle with proper form in warrior two and the various variations in that pose. Hip down, knee opening, belly in, tail bone tucked… it’s so much to be accounting for! Anyone have any tips?

I should say though, that it still felt like a good practice by the end, because I was able to get through it and that made me feel good about myself. I’m starting to see a pattern here.

See you tomorrow!

Pam 🙂

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