90 Days of Yoga ~ Day 3

I have been thinking of adding some of my own twists into these practices just so there is something to look at between the gaps when I’m not really doing anything (when Erin is talking in the video). Maybe day 5s practice should be a little different…

Anyway, on to the practice!

I really enjoyed this one; I had felt a little stiff in the back because I had been outside climbing all day and I was super poopered (this is a perfectly reasonable adult term for tired. I think it’s way more effective!) when I got back, but it was nice stretching and working out the kinks all the same. Does anyone else feel all graceful and sophisticated in cobra but with the feet reaching up as well?

On the other hand, those weird lean-back-side-crunches made me feel all over the place! What was I supposed to be doing? I’m not even sure if it looks right! Hopefully round two will make more sense to me!

But one of the most enjoyable moments during this practice were doing heart openers. I really love doing heart openers!

See you tomorrow,

Pam 🙂

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