90 Days of Yoga ~ Day 4

I’ve done me a goof by not charging my phone before this practice so unfortunately I only have 5 seconds of footage; I doubt you want to see that! Erin called this an ab workout but to me it sounded more like “back torture time” because it included various variations of boat pose.

You see, I used to have a very weak core which meant I had a sore lower back quite often. This was in the dark days before I started practicing yoga on a regular basis. After I did of course, I came across boat pose, and this sent pain to my back like no other pose beforehand! Remembering back on it now, I think it was mostly to do with my form and how I was constantly “dumping” into my lower back because my core was just not able to support me enough. So I have always approached this pose with more than a little caution.

Well, fast forward two ish years and now I am doing boat pose once again (I realise I had to face this demon sooner or later; it’s always best to get it over with right?). I remember looking at Erin as she nonchalantly performs a perfect boat and proceeds to heroically do crunches as well, and thinking “now there is a badass. I can’t even lift my toes!”

I wanted to do that too, so I tighten my midden, take a deep breath and cautiously lift one toe at a time off the mat. One two three…. off! I’m doing it! And it doesn’t feel like my lower back is going to give out! Huzzah!

This was what stood out to me in my practice the most that day, and because I don’t have a video to look back on to remember any other little details, this will have to do!

See you tomorrow!
Pam 🙂

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