90 Days of Yoga ~ Day 6

Lower back stretching. Is there anything more satisfying? This is a flow that just makes you go “ahhhhhh” and want to nap afterwards. Pure bliss from start to finish. Mother nature had also come to visit on that day so the timing was perfect, just what I needed. I also enjoyed not sweating throughout my practice. That was a welcome respite from the tidal waves I usually deal with.

Also, bridge pose. I’m finally starting to get you! I think in the past I never engaged my butt muscles enough, so my lower back always felt like it was taking the bulk of the weight, and it’s a lazy sod every time. But this time, my butt muscles activated  and I actually felt comfortable! Another pose bites the dust! (I know, I know, zen and all that.)

See you tomorrow!
Pam 🙂

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