90 Days of Yoga ~ Good Friends Make Good Practices

Hello! Long time no me-speak-you-listen!

That is completely my fault, but never mind. I am here now and ready to continue making posts about my challenge!

This video has two days worth in it because my good friend visited over the weekend (a few weekends ago) and so we practiced together. It was so wonderful!

Being a home practitioner, and never taken a proper yoga class in my life, I’ve become quite a “loner” in the yoga community and within my practice. It didn’t really hit me how isolated I was until I actually practiced with another person and felt that connection grow between us as we discussed yogi things like meditation, poses and trying to hold our farts in during class (something I never really had to worry about, thank god).

The practice itself kind of flowed by, now that I had someone to concentrate with and hold myself accountable to. I wasn’t so focused on what I was doing “wrong” but more aware of myself and surroundings, performing whatever Erin demanded of my body (okay, she doesn’t “demand”, she’s lovely really). It brought something extra to my practice, camaraderie I’m normally not used to.

All in all, it was lovely, but my phone decided to stop near the end so you don’t get to see my friend spotting me as I tried a headstand. It would have been comical to watch I’m sure.

See you next time! (That’s right, I’m not specifying anymore!)

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