Winter Days Are Coming – One Way Chats (1)

Hello People,

It’s been a long time.

But here I am, ready to start again, my fingers are itching for the keyboard. The make up of sentences with all the worlds words at my disposal. This is starting to read weird. I’ve got a cold and my head is full of sneezing, sniveling goblins.

It’s a chilly winter day and I just wanted to check in here. I was going to write gobbledygook when an idea flitted through my mind, and even in my sickly, snotty state, the goblins managed to seize it and mold it straight away.

I thought, “Why not start a series of one way chats? I can set a theme and talk about all sorts of interesting stuff. People can comment, if they like, and I can get a lot of weirdness out of my system that I usually bury in my blood with a rusty old spade.”

I piped in with, “Who would want to read that? It sounds like hard work AND it would probably be dull too.”

“Maybe, maybe not. Who cares? This is for me. So I can spew my weirdness out into the vastness of the web. If anyone reads it, cool. If not, I’m not going to die.”

So here I am, with session one out of one million, here for your enjoyment or polite disinterest.

Let’s begin.



As the title suggests, I wanted to talk about Winter; all things wintry and cold, some good things about the season, and some bad. I picked this theme today because over the last few days winter has finally settled its frosty butt on the land. And I have a cold. Even though coldness and colds don’t really have anything to do with each other.

The transition from Autumn to Winter is a strange time for me. It’s a time when almost everything is dormant but somehow still holding on, like a stubborn child that doesn’t want to sleep, even though they are tired. Yet it’s inevitable. The child will sleep, then refuse to wake up (hello Spring).

It’s also the time to avoid public transportation if you can; there are some people out there whose sole purpose in life is to get sick and cough on anyone within range. These Germ Spewers need to be avoided at all cost, otherwise they will get you and you will get sick. I know this because I think I was targeted by someone on the tram last Sunday. He was sitting behind me, there was a cough and I felt a poof of wind latch on my hair and crawl doggedly up my strands to slide into my hair follicles, and so into my scalp, which then makes its way to my face and nose and throat. Damn that Germ Spewer. Of course, now I feel the threat of a snot storm brewing behind my face. No amount of tea and porridge has fought it off – delayed it, but I think my end is near…

At the very least, this time of year allows me to appreciate all assortments of colour from my bedroom window. Your golden colours; reds and greens and oranges and pears and apples.

I’m losing control of my train towards thoughtland (and my will to live has already abandoned train) so I must take a tea break and take shelter in the book I’m currently reading (Lies of Lock Lamora – check out my Goodreads profile for a future review)….




A weird quirk of mine about that Autumn/Winter time is I absolutely love cycling in those crepuscular times of day (usually dusk, I am never awake early enough to enjoy dawn). The last rays of sunshine create an epic performance of shifting shadows and dancing colours and it takes all of my will to focus on where I’m going so I don’t crash into the bushes either side of the track. I am usually successful at avoiding falls but there have been a few close calls. Not to mention the chilliness of the evening, and I’m all wrapped up like a burrito in my many layers, makes the whole experience much more enjoyable.

I think that about does it for this first post on One Way Chats. Of course, if you actually do want to participate in a conversation with me (I would be ever so flattered if you did), feel free to comment below on what your favourite things about Autumn and Winter are – or least favourite. I’m not one to judge a rant/whine about these seasons either.



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2 thoughts on “Winter Days Are Coming – One Way Chats (1)

    1. It is, isn’t it! I thought it captured the nicer days of Autumn very well (when it isn’t grey and rainy, pluh…). I know what you mean, I usually leave my house around 5 ish in the evening time and now it’s mostly dark when I leave, so I miss my favourite time of day! Best enjoy the end of Autumn while the colours last.

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