What Do I See?

Below is my train of thought as I travel on a train. Unedited.

Mostly green trees, peppered with orange and yellow. Summer is coming to a close. Endless power lines, keeping nature at bay. Uniform houses, a hue difference in the stone telling them apart. Another train track, snaking alongside me. It disappeared. Groves (clutches?) Of trees and wild looking farmland. Overgrown, and fenced. A flock of sheep, taking shelter under a giant tree, its long limbs almost coming down to cradle its charges. And white warehouse and an old style train leaning against it. Untold glory days left for dead. A wide, open, impossibly green field. A tree in the middle with a rope swing. Then a wide, open beige field. New hay coming. A water sanitising facility. Houses, a small block of them set into the greenery of the land. A winding river, brown and sparkling. Trees lining the train track. No view but for the roofs of houses. Roads with no cars. Civilisation. Passed swiftly through a station. No slowing down. Warehouses and tracks lined up like solders waiting for an order. Plowed fields and green hills. Velvety, yellow wheat fields. Freshly cut. More fields, giant yellow worms. manicured lawns. Hay bales. A canal, circling round a little island. Quaint. Massive warehouses, all sorts of machinery. The ground is higher than me, not much of a view. Now I am higher. Warehouses and fields. More fields and a lonely tree. Three trees, a knarly looking one in the middle. The others are lush. Farms, green, lush looking smaller meadows. Greenhouses, rows and rows. Shiny and almost painful to look at against the sun. Manicures mini trees and shrubs. Overgrown field. A pile of debris. A river, sparkling in the sun. View blocked by greenery. Giant. Massive. Water things. What are they called?! Warehouse and roads. And ugly blot on the landscape. An orange cone in a green, lush field. It’s on its side. Horses! It’s a better view. Went over that sparkling river. Overgrown, pale looking field. Darkness, went into a tunnel. Forest, a pond bordering it. The trees are medium height and green. Houses, can only see brown roofs. Old, sad looking farm. Miss growing on the roof. Hills and died and fences. A trailer in the corner! Nice spot. More uniform houses. Boring! Coming to a station, slowing down. Approaching Stafford. Big, beautiful trees by the side of that sparkling river. Boggy field with shiny looking grass. Shops, the Next store. Carpark, quiet busy. No people to be seen. Stafford, the university of opportunity. Apparently.

Thank you for taking just a few minutes out of your day to read about the life of a struggling writer. If you’d like to help in any way, just hit that like button and leave a comment, anything else I will just see as a pleasant surprise.


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