Pam's Finding Life

The sun peeked through the trees and everything was right. As the light shone through, it bounced here and there, hitting grass and flowers and insects alike. Until it reached Hayley. Unlike the grass and flowers and insects, the light framed Hayley in a honeyed light. She turned her head to this light and basked in its warmth. Her black coat gleaming, her ears perked up. Hayley was a dog then that knew her place in the world. Her body relaxed, her cheeks lightly puffing, she emanated calm and peace. And then she looked back at me, holding my phone as I captured her perfect image. And through her sweet brown eyes, I saw intelligence and thoughts that only she would ever know. And I could only guess at.

This little extract shows only a fraction of what I see in Hayley. She is my first dog, so she is…

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